Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Honeymoon: Europe in a nutshell :)

Wow! Hard to believe it's been a year since I've posted on here! So much has happened! Last summer my husband and I took our honeymoon to Europe, and it was definitely an experience to remember. 

We spent 9 long hours on a plane! Have you ever had a water bottle with you when you take off? Next time, take one and watch it! The bottle constricts when taking off, and it expands when landing. It's creepy, and it makes my insides ache! Anyways! We arrived at Madrid, Spain and had an hour or so layover, and then we were off to Paris, France! Of course we didn't know what to expect, and us wanting to have more money to spend while we were there spent little on hotels. This is telling you each hotel in each city were multiple trains away from the actual city, but we managed. It made it better I think. We were able to sit and see the local people taking the trains to and from work, instead of only seeing tourists. Also in each place we walked a ton! Most of the time we didn’t have a real destination, so we would just walk around all day and see what we could find.

My favorite place in Paris would have to be the art district. Not the museums really, no my favorite would have to be the locals painting on the side of the road or the giant stands with art and trinkets for sale. I could definitely wander there for hours. 
But we did stop at the Louvre!

We of course took part in the love lock bridge. We put our name on a lock, locked it to the bridge, and together we threw the key into the water. 

Everywhere we ate it was extremely expensive, and we brought enough money sure. But looking at all that money go away just makes you sick. We found grocery stores and bought a few snacks for the hotel room, but none of them had fridges, so that was a little difficult. Let’s just say we were whining a bit from lack of eating as much as we did in the US. On our way to the train that we took to London, England we found a pizza hut! It was amazing and we scarfed it so fast I’m surprised we didn’t get sick!

The train station was huge, and we got there extremely early. Our day consisted of people watching until it was our turn to go through security! Security at all of the different countries was not as terrible as it is in the US, but I guess that was good for us. The train was quick and clean. It was probably the most enjoyable in between all of our flights. The best part of the train is the end. When you're leaving you get to see this...
London was by far my favorite out of all the places we went. Everything was beautiful, the people were extremely nice and helpful, and everything was easy to navigate. We went to see the Palace which was beautiful, but I think the best part was across from the Palace they have a giant park where people lounge around and read books, sun tan, or chat all day.
We also went to the London Zoo for a bit! 

Next we were on our way to Athens, Greece! In Athens we spent a good part of our trip walking around the main shopping street. It was a lot of fun looking at all the different sculptures, and picking out what we wanted to bring home. 

We also walked a loonnnggg ways to go see the Greek Temples. 

With the long walks, shopping, and amazing views, we also found an amazing place to eat! 
A friend we made at one of the shops told us about it, and it was the best roasted chicken and potatoes I've had! Added bonus, the people were lovely there too! 

Next we were off to explore Rome, Italy. I'll have to admit this was one of my least favorite. It's not the people! We met a really nice man they made pizza at a restaurant near our hotel. It was more the transportation. The tickets for public trains were crazy expensive. I'll put this in dollars for you it cost about $14 per person for one way, but everywhere else was around $2-5 one way, or they offered all day passes that were maybe $8-10, not 100% sure on those numbers but somewhere around there! Another problem with the transportation was the stop by our house didn't have anywhere to buy the tickets! So of course we had to wait until we got on and got fined for not having it before hand. Let's just say it was a pain in the butt, and we only went to town a couple of times. 
We got souvenirs.

We also went to the Vatican.

Last leg of the trip! We were beyond ready to go home! We flew back to Madrid, Spain. Got Burger King and stayed in the hotel room for part of a night before flying out the next morning. 
It was an amazing trip, but we were ready to be home in the US! 

After the trip not much has happened! I've been in classes, setting up a date to take my DAT (Dental Admissions Test), preparing my application for dental school, and setting up dental shadowing experiences. Busy busy busy. Just booked a flight to see the family June 23 - 30th!! DAT is scheduled for June 8th, so I'll be studying until then! 

Thanks for reading everyone! Sorry it took so long to post! It's been a very very crazy year! 
Have an amazing rest of your day! 
KPKnupp! :)