Friday, January 31, 2014

January 31, 2013

A lot has been going on! 

Back in classes! Tons of homework, but I love it :) I know it's weird, but when you're going to be in school for ten years you should probably like it. 

A couple days ago three of the cast members from Vampire Academy came to Houston! It was a lot of fun. It was my first time meeting actual actors! That's not to say that I had any idea what to say! I was a mess. Haha, I pretty much just smiled a lot :D and got my book signed. :) They're all very friendly, especially since they've probably been meeting tons of people and most likely had to wake up really early! 

Right now I am reading Cursed by S. J. Harper while in between homework assignments. 

Animals are all asleep on the couch, Hubby is out on a job, and I'm about to start MORE homework!!! 

Everyone have a lovely day! Enjoy the weather, where ever you may be! If it's too cold, cuddle up by the heater and read a book ;) 

KPKnupp :) 

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